High School Boy

High School Boy


Hong Il-tak, the only red spot at Daemun Namgo. Despite his name and nickname, he's a boy, and his dwarfism and peculiar appearance have led to him being looked down upon by everyone from the nerds to the elders, and he's at the bottom of the school hierarchy. In the past, until his sophomore year, Iltak had been a famous member of the Iljin, but a problem of his own brought him to the bottom of the food chain... "His secondary sexuality. If only he'd come to me...!" After enduring daily teasing and bullying because his body stopped growing like his peers, Hong Il-taek thought of a way to move up in the ranks... "If I can befriend this guy, who's in the second grade at Dae-moon Boys' High School, I'll be able to move up again!" But for some reason, Lee Hyun-woo tries to keep his distance from Hong Il-taek... Can Hong Il-taek find his former glory again?

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