Hi Me Ko I

Hi Me Ko I


The various short stories including one title series of secret romance between young actor and his manager (Sagami is a very popular fashion model and his first drama acquired a favorable reputation. He becomes very busy and can not have enough time for date with his lover, his manager, Takumi Toba. They enjoy very short date but Takumi is shocked to see Sagami's scandalous photo on the tabloid / The prequel of the 1st story. Takumi feels jealous of the actress of Sagami's first drama / American classmate always expresses his love to hero very frankly. But Hero is too proud to accept it and offers very difficult challenge. The american can not resolve it, then wears female costume / The students of NPO wonder their homosexual relationship is natural or not. One student decides to part but another one appeals they are not extinct species / The public detective takes in the poor prostitute boy. The boy tries to return a favor to detective's selfless love but the detective never allows it. Then the boy is involved into the incident of his old group...).

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