Joey wants to be a hero, but he's just an orphan who works day and night to take care of himself and his grandmother. After seeing a commercial for a toy robot, he desperately wants one, thinking the robot will give him the strength to change. The only one he manages to get, is a broken toy tossed aside by a school bully. But later on, he manages to fix it, and name it "Heroman." Later on, while walking home, he witnesses Rina (the pretty cheerleader that's always been nice to him) getting kidnapped. Joey tried to intervene, but the kidnapper knocks him aside with ease. Filled with Anguish, Joey grabs Heroman and scream that he wants to be able to change. At that moment, Heroman's controller changes, latches to Joey's arm, and Heroman become a large robot that only Joey can command...

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