Heeran Love Song

Heeran Love Song
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    Heeran Love Song; Heeran's National Sonata; Heeran'ın Aşk Şarkısı; Love Song of Heeran; Спів кохання долини Хіран; บทเพลงรักแห่งฮีรัน; 喜乱国恋歌; 熙兰国恋歌; 熙瀾國戀歌; 熙蘭國戀歌
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A hidden love story of a ghost princess who never loved anyone. General Jahyeon of Heeran Nation marries Soru, a ‘princess who sees ghosts' by the king's order. Jahyeon is cold to Soru, but he has the power to ward off ghosts, hence Soru wants to stay by his side. Soru is willing to sacrifice everything for Jahyeon, who is her only safe haven. Jahyeon is getting more and more concerned about Soru, but…

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