He’S From Mars

He’S From Mars


Manman was an ordinary young female earthling who married Cathieu in a fairytale wedding. Cathieu was a gentle and considerate husband who made an all-out effort to learn Earth’s ways and build common ground with Manman. Their married life was filled with happiness. After they returned to Dikken, His Majesty the Emperor Soron seemed to take an interest in Manman too. Cathieu’s instinct told him danger was afoot and he immediately led Manman to escape. The Planetary Wars began not long later, which Cathieu was bound by duty to join. He bid his wife goodbye, and it was then that Manman realised her love for the prince. Just as she came to terms with expressing her true feelings to Cathieu, she received news of his death in battle. The magical, transplanetary love story between earthling and alien came to an uncertain end.

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