He Awakened When I Died

He Awakened When I Died


I possessed an extra who died as soon as the original work started.I was the hero's incompetent guide.Only until I die, will the male lead meet his new guide, the heroine.To safely stray from the original work,I pretended to be dead after consuming a toxic flower that throws you into a coma, but-"My guide isn't breathing anymore."?"Who the he** can stop me?"The male lead awakened and went berserk?You awakened after thinking I died?You can't possibly awaken like this.!***"You're leaving me?"Bliss scoffed at Shana's resignation letter."Is this a new joke?""No. You don't need a guide anymore so I.""Shana."Bliss called her in a soft but determined voice."You can make fun of me, you can deceive me like a fool, or you can play with me as much as you want.So don't even joke about trying to leave me."Bliss whispered to Shana with a beautiful smile that looked like a painting."I just can't let that slide."You Awakened while I Was Dead. / Dia Bangkit Ketika Aku Mati. / .

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